Dog on the Beach

Gallery 1

Evaluation of the image

The texture of the stones contrasts with the dog, and this juxtaposition of the rough rocks against the smooth dog emphasises the characteristics of each. All the lines on the dog are not very defined, against the well-defined differently coloured rocks, this makes a good background for the dog.

The sea was out, so we can see it has got a lot of seaweed left on the shore, together with the remaining water. Someone I showed this photograph to thought that the sea was in, and it was a stormy shallow sea with the white being the tops of rough waves ( this effect is particularly marked on the 'negative' photo) - which was a good illustration of how we can all see things different ways.

This image is composed with a well framed subject, in the centre but slightly below, giving a good amount of background.

Because the dog is standing on a pebble beach which runs out to the sea, it draws our eye into the picture and we realise how the background is stretching away from the dog, we can see the distance from the dog to the sea, so the amount of distance that the photograph encompasses overall.

normal/neutral perspective.

This photo was edited to convey the perspective of someone in a negative mood.

This is edited to convey the image as it might be seen by someone in a positive upbeat mood.