What does the Horse see?

This shoot was all done with a 55/300 lens.


The horse eye image was shot with macro +2 converter. This image was edited using photoshop. I wanted to enhance the reflection of the photographer in the horse's eye. I created a mask over the eye, put up the saturation on the mask, decreased the exposure for the whole image afterwards. I'm not satisfied with the result because the mask covers over the eyelashes, this makes it look not correct because you can see the line where the mask was, this is because the eyelashes are in the way which makes the mask stand out. I'm happy with the result on the lens of the eye. I am thinking of putting in second mask slightly further out from the first mask, then increasing the saturation but not as much, and this might blur the line.

this is the horse eye before edit,this edit made the immage a lot better

Is this what the horse sees?

production processes,
pencil and paper,sketch,
to show the horses perspective. The intention of the edited photograph above was to show the horses perspective through the reflection in the eye. This sketch is to show this intention more clearly.
I would have preferred to do a higher quality sketch for the this, I am happier with the photo image which mostly achieves what I wanted it to although the eye lashes cover a portion of the eye and this is what I would try to change if taking similar photo.